Meeting Minutes 2/1/18

Members Present: 7

E-Board Present: Mike, Zack, Matt

Meeting Start: 20:10

  • Welcome!
  • Copper Dog
    • Bill LaBell emailed Matt
    • If not helping Chris with Safety, Bill is looking for ride-alongs
    • Let Matt know
    • High speed potato gun
  • Bear Chase
    • Weekend after Copper Dog
  • SSAR Trailer Work
    • This weekend
  • Cables
    • Yaesu: $30
    • 8-GR: $20
    • TURBO HT: Not Cheap
    • TURBO Mobile: Cheap
  • Other Purchases
    • Scanner: $400ish
      • Ours is currently working so we don’t need it but will need when Phase II upgrade is complete
    • TNC Radio: Reprogram or buy
      • Reprogram would pull a go box away
      • Should look, might be a radio laying around somewhere
      • Broken GM300 could be repaired (antenna connector dead)
    • Budget is due Friday February 16th
      • Sign-ups for hearing on the 10th
      • We will do budget the 15th!
      • Bring ideas!
    • New Tower Site
      • Have the repeater
      • Rest up in the air

We should at least buy

Meeting Minutes 1/25/18

Members Present: 5

E-Board Present: Mike, Zack, Matt

Meeting Start: 20:15

  • Welcome!
  • Motorola has simplex repeat
    • License feature for repeaters
    • Extended dual capacity direct mode
  • Antenna analyzer ordered
  • Things to consider purchasing
    • MotoTrbo HT and rear mobile cable
    • Yaesu cable
    • Yaesu 8Gr
    • Scanner
    • TNC-Purchase or Re-Program Old Radius?
  • Scanner is doing bad things
  • Need to sign up for ways and means meeting for next year’s budget

Meeting Adjourned: 21:18