Meeting Minutes 12/7/17

Members Present: 9

E-Board Present: Mike, Zack, Matt, Todd

Meeting Start: 20:07

  • Welcome!
  • Card reader to HARC is broken
    • Reader has been acting funny in the past
    • Ticket has been submitted, should be quick
    • Call duty phone/public safety in the mean time
  • Bank trip went well
    • Accounts got reshuffled (people added and removed)
    • Get Don on account sometime
  • Tech Fund Update
    • Money has been moved from Tech Fund to another internal fund
    • Couple hundred more than what was in email
    • USG does charge a fee for storing…
    • We will be using it for a new repeater site
    • We should put together a proposal of what we are thinking of doing
    • What to do?
      • Ran some models in Radio Mobile
      • Herman looks best
      • Time to start talking to people
      • Let’s come up with a plan/proposal to present to the state
      • We will move forward with Herman tower
    • 6550 Batteries
      • Found some on E-Bay, aftermarket
      • Get two
      • No objections, they will be ordered
    • Exam on the 6th
      • BCRA is hosting

Meeting Adjourned: 21:21

Meeting Minutes 11/30/2017

Members Present: 10

E-Board Present: Mike, Zack, Matt, Todd

Meeting Start: 20:06

  • Welcome Back!
  • Hope everyone had a great break!
  • Tech Fund
    • We’ve got money!
    • Quite a bit of money
    • Not SAF money, just money for HARC
    • We can use it as we see fit
    • We need to find out who gave us the money
    • Need to take the money out of Tech Fund and put it in our bank account
    • Ideas:
      • Equipment Purchases
      • Tower Site Access (Herman or tall tower down south)
        • Tower Choices:
          • Herman-Ranked 1
          • Donken
          • Kenton Forest Service Tower-Ranked 2
          • Lots of hoops to jump through for MPSCS towers
        • Backhaul Hardware for CAFS
        • Start seeking pricing and access for both
      • How to link the Kenton or Herman towers to our IPSC network
        • Issue to resolve
        • Kenton needs to be decently tall for the best equipment to have a microwave link
        • Towers must be really stable
      • We need to model Kenton and Herman and work on a budget
      • Do some research and come back later with a final decision
      • Cell tower going up at Brockway
        • Contract update is happening
      • Project out that decodes a large spectrum of digital modes (DMR, P25, NXDN, etc.)
        • Subscription based service
        • DSD Plus
        • $25 for unlimited updates
        • Peticash can pay for it
        • We will get it
      • 6550’s batteries are dead
        • Propose to replace those and any other batteries that need to be replaced
        • We will keep an eye out for batteries
      • Need to deposit some cash in the bank…
      • CCRAA Christmas Party
        • Tuesday at 7
        • Potluck (but could show up with just chips or cookies)
      • BCRA needs liaison for exams
        • We will let them know when we have an exam
      • Next Monday evening
        • Copper Dog Board Meeting
        • Looking at doing real time tracking of all teams in the field through Trail Genius
          • Might not be offered by Trail Genius…
        • Might be able to do this as an APRS thing
        • Could use things for Copper Dog for other events
      • SARTrack Released Mandatory Update!
        • You must upgrade!
        • Do it now!
      • Chris talked to Joanne about Rally…More to come
      • Motorola Update
        • Have to poke the applications again
      • Tech still has our repeater

Meeting Adjourned: 21:18