Meeting Minutes 4/19/18

Members Present: 7

E-Board Present: Mike, Matt, Zach

Meeting Start: 20:17

  • Welcome back!
  • Budget/Funding Request
    • Have not received anything…
    • If we don’t hear anything by next Wednesday, we will start poking people
  • Almost end of the year
    • Next week is last meeting
    • Elections next week!
  • Election Nominations
    • President: Matt M. (KD8OOS)
    • VP: Mike V. (KE8FCR), Zack J. (KE8GGU)
    • Secretary: Mike V. (KE8FCR)
    • Treasurer: Zach J. (KE8GGU), Justin D. (KE8HXI)
  • HF Stuff
    • MI QSO Party is this weekend
    • Place we went last year is buried in snow
  • Site News
    • Arcadian: Silence and not pushing issue
    • CAFS: Network link is down right now
      • Might need to take a trip up there
      • Next Sunday around 1PM
    • Shorewaves: They would be able to provide us some service if we want at CAFS. We want.
    • Healthy so far
    • Working on monitoring more complete
  • New Site
    • Not much news
    • Kenton vs. Herman
    • Kenton is easy but not great spot
    • Herman is hard but is great spot
    • Need to do some modeling
    • South Range site for a possible second site
    • If Kenton is done, we would have enough money for a second site as well

Meeting Adjourned: 21:30

Meeting Minutes 4/5/18

Members Present: 9

E-Board Present: Mike, Matt, Todd

Meeting Start: 20:15

  • Welcome back!
  • Dashboard is working and reasonably stable
    • Will pick up all group calls
  • Want to talk Mi5 about possible linking and get on same page between groups
  • Reimbursement submitted for $1400
    • Missing a couple of receipts on that reimbursement
  • $1400-$1500 left to spend
  • Permanent home for new repeater site
    • Have funds for rest of site hardware, depending on the site
    • Have repeater, and most of duplexer
    • What site?
      • MPSCS
      • Kenton
        • Tower height
        • Power?
        • Network Connection?
      • Donken
      • Best two are Kenton and MPSCS
    • Kenton would be a lot easier to get on
  • Stuff to buy
    • Will buy MikroTik’s, 5350 data radio, APRS radio, jumpers, and connectors.

Meeting Adjourned: 21:45