Meeting Minutes 4/19/18

Members Present: 7

E-Board Present: Mike, Matt, Zach

Meeting Start: 20:17

  • Welcome back!
  • Budget/Funding Request
    • Have not received anything…
    • If we don’t hear anything by next Wednesday, we will start poking people
  • Almost end of the year
    • Next week is last meeting
    • Elections next week!
  • Election Nominations
    • President: Matt M. (KD8OOS)
    • VP: Mike V. (KE8FCR), Zack J. (KE8GGU)
    • Secretary: Mike V. (KE8FCR)
    • Treasurer: Zach J. (KE8GGU), Justin D. (KE8HXI)
  • HF Stuff
    • MI QSO Party is this weekend
    • Place we went last year is buried in snow
  • Site News
    • Arcadian: Silence and not pushing issue
    • CAFS: Network link is down right now
      • Might need to take a trip up there
      • Next Sunday around 1PM
    • Shorewaves: They would be able to provide us some service if we want at CAFS. We want.
    • Healthy so far
    • Working on monitoring more complete
  • New Site
    • Not much news
    • Kenton vs. Herman
    • Kenton is easy but not great spot
    • Herman is hard but is great spot
    • Need to do some modeling
    • South Range site for a possible second site
    • If Kenton is done, we would have enough money for a second site as well

Meeting Adjourned: 21:30

Meeting Minutes 3/29/18

Members Present: 10

E-Board Present: Mike, Matt, Zach, TODD!

Meeting Start: 20:05

  • Welcome back!
  • Stuff to buy
    • 2xMikrotik for Arcadian/new site discussed last week
      • Motioned
      • Passes, will be ordered (2x$160)
    • Data terminal radio for data services
      • Gen2 mobile (5350 or 2500)
      • Motioned
      • Passes
    • Replacement APRS Radio
      • Cheap mobile
      • $150 or less
      • Motioned
      • Passes
      • Just communicate if you buy it!
    • UHF Duplexer
      • Brand new or refurb the old one
      • Motioned
      • Will look at costs
    • DMR Plus
      • Have received some emails from Evan/Mike
      • Asking about coverage up here…should respond…
      • If someone (current member) wants to head up DMR Plus, get in touch with Kory (KE8AVN)
      • Do not want to turn over slot 2 to DMR Plus
      • Would make another IPSC Network to point DMR Plus to
        • Would give us control on how DMR Plus operates
      • Could push 9062 to DMR Plus
      • Who would like to take the lead?
        • Matt volunteers
      • This will give us Mi5 access
      • Ranting about closed-sourcing of DMR Plus and Brandmeister
      • Matt will go through email draft and move forward
      • DMR Plus is interested in our logging dashboard
        • Blew theirs out of the water!
      • Matt will get dashboard up and running again
        • Super technical things were said
      • Elections coming up
        • Think about it!
        • Nominations at any time
        • Elections last meeting of school year (4/26)
      • Email earlier today
        • Shorewave is looking to get into our specific room at Horace Greely to run some conduit
        • Looking at next Wednesday at 10PM
        • Offer to provide data service if we are interested
      • WMTU gave us full access to their Arcadian link
      • Sometime before end of school year we should get up to CAFS to do a general check up
        • Possibly build lean to for CAFS repeater this summer

Meeting Adjourned: 21:05

Meeting Minutes 2/1/18

Members Present: 7

E-Board Present: Mike, Zack, Matt

Meeting Start: 20:10

  • Welcome!
  • Copper Dog
    • Bill LaBell emailed Matt
    • If not helping Chris with Safety, Bill is looking for ride-alongs
    • Let Matt know
    • High speed potato gun
  • Bear Chase
    • Weekend after Copper Dog
  • SSAR Trailer Work
    • This weekend
  • Cables
    • Yaesu: $30
    • 8-GR: $20
    • TURBO HT: Not Cheap
    • TURBO Mobile: Cheap
  • Other Purchases
    • Scanner: $400ish
      • Ours is currently working so we don’t need it but will need when Phase II upgrade is complete
    • TNC Radio: Reprogram or buy
      • Reprogram would pull a go box away
      • Should look, might be a radio laying around somewhere
      • Broken GM300 could be repaired (antenna connector dead)
    • Budget is due Friday February 16th
      • Sign-ups for hearing on the 10th
      • We will do budget the 15th!
      • Bring ideas!
    • New Tower Site
      • Have the repeater
      • Rest up in the air

We should at least buy

Meeting Minutes 11/30/2017

Members Present: 10

E-Board Present: Mike, Zack, Matt, Todd

Meeting Start: 20:06

  • Welcome Back!
  • Hope everyone had a great break!
  • Tech Fund
    • We’ve got money!
    • Quite a bit of money
    • Not SAF money, just money for HARC
    • We can use it as we see fit
    • We need to find out who gave us the money
    • Need to take the money out of Tech Fund and put it in our bank account
    • Ideas:
      • Equipment Purchases
      • Tower Site Access (Herman or tall tower down south)
        • Tower Choices:
          • Herman-Ranked 1
          • Donken
          • Kenton Forest Service Tower-Ranked 2
          • Lots of hoops to jump through for MPSCS towers
        • Backhaul Hardware for CAFS
        • Start seeking pricing and access for both
      • How to link the Kenton or Herman towers to our IPSC network
        • Issue to resolve
        • Kenton needs to be decently tall for the best equipment to have a microwave link
        • Towers must be really stable
      • We need to model Kenton and Herman and work on a budget
      • Do some research and come back later with a final decision
      • Cell tower going up at Brockway
        • Contract update is happening
      • Project out that decodes a large spectrum of digital modes (DMR, P25, NXDN, etc.)
        • Subscription based service
        • DSD Plus
        • $25 for unlimited updates
        • Peticash can pay for it
        • We will get it
      • 6550’s batteries are dead
        • Propose to replace those and any other batteries that need to be replaced
        • We will keep an eye out for batteries
      • Need to deposit some cash in the bank…
      • CCRAA Christmas Party
        • Tuesday at 7
        • Potluck (but could show up with just chips or cookies)
      • BCRA needs liaison for exams
        • We will let them know when we have an exam
      • Next Monday evening
        • Copper Dog Board Meeting
        • Looking at doing real time tracking of all teams in the field through Trail Genius
          • Might not be offered by Trail Genius…
        • Might be able to do this as an APRS thing
        • Could use things for Copper Dog for other events
      • SARTrack Released Mandatory Update!
        • You must upgrade!
        • Do it now!
      • Chris talked to Joanne about Rally…More to come
      • Motorola Update
        • Have to poke the applications again
      • Tech still has our repeater

Meeting Adjourned: 21:18

Meeting Minutes 11/9/2017

Members Present: 9

E-Board Present: Mike, Zack, Matt, Todd

Meeting Start: 20:07

  • Welcome!
  • Campus TRBO Update
    • Moving along a little faster
    • Auxiliary services repeater is dead
    • HARC has temporarily loaned our third SLR to them
    • Campus needs a new repeater, should move the TRBO system along quick
  • Talked with Motorola after they visited
    • Expressed interest in TRBO ADK
    • They have an evaluation program that we might fall under
    • Might be able to get ADK!
    • Possibly conference call early next week
  • Moto will be back on sites the 27th or 28th to do coverage tests
  • Went to CAFS
    • It was raining inside and out
    • Tarp was good to have
    • Door was open, not broken…
    • Battery was good
    • Everything was well
    • Bunch of new Ubiquiti gen 2 stuff up there
  • Fixed some linking issues
  • Let anyone know if you have any issues (i.e. linking)
  • Remote access not successful
    • Most likely due to Pasty NET
    • Long term optimal option
      • We need our own link
    • Coming up:
      • Break is approaching
      • Who will be here next Thursday?
      • There will be an optional meeting
    • “New” receiver
      • Returned from the 30’s
      • Really good shape, very clean
      • All-Band, side-band receiver
    • Exam on Saturday
      • 9 AM at Franklin Township Hall
      • CCRAA Hosting
    • Still need to take Jack’s repeater to the EOC
      • This weekend
    • Have a good Thanksgiving Break!

Meeting Adjourned: 20:52

Meeting Minutes 10/26/2017

Members Present: 5

E-Board Present: Mike, Zack, Matt

Meeting Start: 20:02

  • Welcome!
  • Negaunee Trip:
    • Sunday
    • Leave no later 9 AM
    • Weather service at 11AM and 80 at 1PM
    • Return between 4 and 6
    • Drivers:
      • Zach
      • Chris
      • Maybe Matt
    • Matt will email list for rides
  • CAFS link went down on Tuesday
    • Should be back up
  • LSPR went well
    • No cancelled stages, that’s a win
    • Improvements can be made, as always
    • Thanks for helping with the downtown stage
  • Treat Street
    • This Saturday afternoon
    • Have plenty of volunteers
  • Antenna analyzer will be purchased soon
  • Pop is in the fridge
  • Might want to head on to roof to check on mag mounts
  • Arcadian is still around!
  • Microwave link from CAFS to Laurium EOC and possibly from EOC to Wads/MEEM

Meeting Adjourned: 20:32

Meeting Minutes 10/19/2017

Members Present: 11

E-Board Present: Mike, Zack, Matt, Todd

Meeting Start: 20:05

  • Welcome!
  • LSPR Tomorrow and Saturday!
    • Let us know if you need equipment
    • Couple of changes needed
      • All HARC/Chris radios need a channel added
      • 12+ 100 Hz tone pair for Teepee Tower/Herman Nestoria
    • Sounds like we are pretty ready
    • Worker registration tonight until 10 and tomorrow from 10AM-Noon
      • At Country Inn and Suites
    • Be careful along the courses, No Injuries!
    • Help is needed downtown
    • We are going to try diplexing the HARC DMR and the other VHF
      • We will be on Wide 1
      • 375+5 will be the diplexing repeater
      • Same set up as other repeaters
    • If you are available around noon, we need someone to take a digipeating box to silver mountain
    • If you have APRS, that’s fine. Please turn off digipeating!
    • Will take other trailer (little trailer, trailer #2) down as service and internet access
    • 800 talkgroups Event 8 and Event 9 (8 is primary, group G for SSAR 800’s)
  • We approved an Antenna Tuner last week.
    • Little under 380 and covers UHF and has frequency counter
    • Will check bank statement to make sure the funds are there
  • Sunday the 29th: Negaunee Visit
    • Members of HARC go to Station 80 and Weather Service
    • Leave by 8:30
    • Meet at NWS around 11AM
    • Head to 80 at about 1PM, might change.
  • Saturday the 28th: Treat Street
    • We need 12-15 people to help with that
    • 3:15-7:00 PM
    • “Don’t steal candy from a little kid, but if they really deserve it, go ahead” –Chris
    • You can wear a costume, with HI-Vis overtop
  • Motorola Channel Sales Rep coming to Campus
    • Potential trunked system coming on campus!
    • Could ask him to bring things for HARC (SLR 1000)
  • Footswitch and key need some TLC
  • HF rig under TV is on the 6M pair for the 6M repeater going up
    • Will need to tune it every time you turn it on
  • VHF remote base is still unplugged
    • URI is somewhere…
  • Before snow starts
    • Need to go to CAFS
  • See you next week!

Meeting Adjourned: 20:36