Meeting Minutes 10/19/2017

Members Present: 11

E-Board Present: Mike, Zack, Matt, Todd

Meeting Start: 20:05

  • Welcome!
  • LSPR Tomorrow and Saturday!
    • Let us know if you need equipment
    • Couple of changes needed
      • All HARC/Chris radios need a channel added
      • 12+ 100 Hz tone pair for Teepee Tower/Herman Nestoria
    • Sounds like we are pretty ready
    • Worker registration tonight until 10 and tomorrow from 10AM-Noon
      • At Country Inn and Suites
    • Be careful along the courses, No Injuries!
    • Help is needed downtown
    • We are going to try diplexing the HARC DMR and the other VHF
      • We will be on Wide 1
      • 375+5 will be the diplexing repeater
      • Same set up as other repeaters
    • If you are available around noon, we need someone to take a digipeating box to silver mountain
    • If you have APRS, that’s fine. Please turn off digipeating!
    • Will take other trailer (little trailer, trailer #2) down as service and internet access
    • 800 talkgroups Event 8 and Event 9 (8 is primary, group G for SSAR 800’s)
  • We approved an Antenna Tuner last week.
    • Little under 380 and covers UHF and has frequency counter
    • Will check bank statement to make sure the funds are there
  • Sunday the 29th: Negaunee Visit
    • Members of HARC go to Station 80 and Weather Service
    • Leave by 8:30
    • Meet at NWS around 11AM
    • Head to 80 at about 1PM, might change.
  • Saturday the 28th: Treat Street
    • We need 12-15 people to help with that
    • 3:15-7:00 PM
    • “Don’t steal candy from a little kid, but if they really deserve it, go ahead” –Chris
    • You can wear a costume, with HI-Vis overtop
  • Motorola Channel Sales Rep coming to Campus
    • Potential trunked system coming on campus!
    • Could ask him to bring things for HARC (SLR 1000)
  • Footswitch and key need some TLC
  • HF rig under TV is on the 6M pair for the 6M repeater going up
    • Will need to tune it every time you turn it on
  • VHF remote base is still unplugged
    • URI is somewhere…
  • Before snow starts
    • Need to go to CAFS
  • See you next week!

Meeting Adjourned: 20:36