Special Meeting 4/28/16


  • Todd
  • Kory
  • Logan
  • Jack
  • Charlie
  • Matt M
  • Matt Z



  • Met with Travis
  • On Tus. got an e-mail
    • We were locked out for installing an unauthorized reader and destruction of university property.
  • Conver    sation got from IT to Travis
  • They came up, saw ours and thought it was recent
  • Housing will be buying a new readr from IT
    • Maybe two weeks from now
    • Managed by housing through Adam
  • Follow up email sent to original recipients by Travis
  • 24/7 access to the room
  • They will issue cards for community members
  • An officer can request change to access
  • Meeting tomorrow at 9 with Travis with a list of what we want
  • We will have to pay to repair the hole
    • What they determine
  • We will have to move things sometime