Meeting Minutes 11/9/2017

Members Present: 9

E-Board Present: Mike, Zack, Matt, Todd

Meeting Start: 20:07

  • Welcome!
  • Campus TRBO Update
    • Moving along a little faster
    • Auxiliary services repeater is dead
    • HARC has temporarily loaned our third SLR to them
    • Campus needs a new repeater, should move the TRBO system along quick
  • Talked with Motorola after they visited
    • Expressed interest in TRBO ADK
    • They have an evaluation program that we might fall under
    • Might be able to get ADK!
    • Possibly conference call early next week
  • Moto will be back on sites the 27th or 28th to do coverage tests
  • Went to CAFS
    • It was raining inside and out
    • Tarp was good to have
    • Door was open, not broken…
    • Battery was good
    • Everything was well
    • Bunch of new Ubiquiti gen 2 stuff up there
  • Fixed some linking issues
  • Let anyone know if you have any issues (i.e. linking)
  • Remote access not successful
    • Most likely due to Pasty NET
    • Long term optimal option
      • We need our own link
    • Coming up:
      • Break is approaching
      • Who will be here next Thursday?
      • There will be an optional meeting
    • “New” receiver
      • Returned from the 30’s
      • Really good shape, very clean
      • All-Band, side-band receiver
    • Exam on Saturday
      • 9 AM at Franklin Township Hall
      • CCRAA Hosting
    • Still need to take Jack’s repeater to the EOC
      • This weekend
    • Have a good Thanksgiving Break!

Meeting Adjourned: 20:52